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Every performance should be the best it can be. But in a venue where many different people use a sound system, you need a benchmark of the optimum sound your system can deliver.

Using special testing equipment, ADS will come to your facility and tune your system to its fullest potential. We will digitally analyze your room acoustics and pinpoint any abnormalities. We can also align your sound system and customize your system setup to produce the best sound for that environment. For example, a church may have good equipment, but the equipment may be set up in a way that is harmful to the performance. We can fix that.

It is important to note, however, that ADS uses our equipment only to measure the room. Your equipment is used to make the EQ adjustments. This means you must have a system processor of some type, with the ability to EQ, compress, delay, and crossover audio. If your current system does not have this capability, we will happily assist you in finding an affordable solution.
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