The Hylton Memorial Chapel
ADS was given the task to install a very large scale sound system for the Hylton Memorial Chapel. The chapel is unique in that it is a Christian events complex. The chapel does not have a pastoral staff and is primarily used by other churches for large scale events such as concerts. The system installed by ADS consisted of two Yamaha PM5D consoles, two DSP5 (console in a rack), one M7CL 48 console, 18 Meyer Milo speakers, 24 Meyer Melodie speakers, and 6 Dolby lake processors. The system is configured in such a way that any type of event can easily be executed with minimal setup time. The larger Milo speakers are installed onto motorized lift motors so they can be removed form the venue in about an hour leaving the smaller melodies to be used for smaller functions. The melodies are mounted in a hidden area above the stage so the facility looks like a church but sounds like a concert venue. Audio is moved to the different components via Dante, a dedicated digital audio network. Each speaker is connected to a network using Meyer's RMS (remote monitor system) to monitor all functions of the speakers and amplifiers.