Greater Morning Star Pentecostal Church
ADS was contracted to design and install a complete audio, video, and lighting system for Morningstar Church. The audio system has an infrastructure for three M7CL-48 consoles located at front of house, the recording room and at stage monitors. The system is driven by Lab Gruppen amplifiers into a Yamaha Nexo array which covers the large sanctuary completely with not a bad seat in the house. The band is covered with an Aviom monitoring system with discreet JBL wedge monitors for the choir and praise team. The video system is centered around a Globecaster video switcher. The Globecaster is feed by two tripod mounted cameras and two robot cameras. Each service is recorded directly to DVD and broadcast through out the facility on a closed circuit TV system. The video image is also projected on too two fifteen foot by twelve foot screens mounted in the sanctuary. The architecture of the church made the installation of the ETC lighting system somewhat difficult. However, we created an extremely well lit stage that improved the performance of the video system.